GM-Free Cold Pressed Canola Oil

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This versatile golden oil is a kitchen staple best suited to low to medium temperature cooking and sautéing or as a final addition to salads and dishes. The viscosity is rich and thick with a wonderful nutty aftertaste. Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles or 2.5 litre tins.

  • Silver medal - Sydney Royal Fine Food Show (2021, 2019, 2018).

        Silver Medal - Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2018 
  • State winner - delicious. Produce Awards (2018, 2017).
    State winner delicious produce awards 2018State winner delicious produce awards 2017

    Gold medal - Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards (2021).

  • Volume: 250ml, 500ml & 2.5l
    Shelf life: 
    1-2 years
    Ingredients: 100% pure Tasmanian GM-free canola oil

    Nutritional Information

    Per serve (15ml)

    Per 100g


    510 kJ

    3400 kJ




    Fat, total



    - saturated










    0.0g  0.0g 


    0.0g  0.0g 


    0.0g  0.0g 
  • Our 100% pure GM-free cold pressed canola oil is the only food-grade cold pressed canola oil produced in Tasmania and is grown, harvested and pressed right next to the Hill Farm Kitchen. The viscosity is rich and thick with a wonderful nutty aftertaste, and is the colour of the sun and the golden fields in summer. 

    No heat or chemicals are used in the production process – the oil is simply pressed out of the seeds. The oil contains double the amount of healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 compared to olive oil, is very low in saturated fatty acids and is a superb source of natural Vitamin E.

    It has a lower smoke point than its refined canola oil cousins and is best suited to low to medium temperature baking and sautéing or as a final addition to salads or dishes.

    Intense aromas and wonderful flavours characterize our infused oil range and our award winning canola oil is the foundation for each infusion.

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